Effects Clan are a mature team of gamers specialising in Fortnite: Battle Royale and Call of Duty Modern Warfare; Our philosophy and aims are to recruit top tier gamers willing to take gaming to a Semi-Professional level. Recruiting mature individuals is a high priority for EFX (Effects) and don’t tolerate any toxic behaviour as our community are respectful and professional. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a fun gaming community/family to establish a happy bunch of competitive gamers! We are based in EU (Europe) and NA (North America).

We have a merchandise clothing line that ranges from accessories to t-shirts so that you can show your support in public or at home!

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We have a variety of sponsorships that specialise in gaming products to encourage members to game the right way and to meet their everyday gamer needs! “Code CLANEFX” for all sponsorships

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- Any aggressive or rude behaviour is not tolerated, this includes (racism, threats, sexism, verbal abuse)

- You shouldn’t be in any other clan other than this one! If we find out that you are this will be an instant ban

- Please be professional at all times and please be loyal and also respect any members regardless of their role, promotions shouldn’t be asked for and should be granted upon performance

- If you are a non-member looking for a trial please fill out an application form form where you can apply to try-out, and if you are eligible for a try-out you will be assigned the applied role and will be on the waiting list for a trial, if you want to have a general chat then please use the public chat

- finally, we are a clan that is professional and is looking to recruit good players to compete in tournaments containing cash prizes and rewards etc. We are also a large family and respect all our members and remember to enjoy and have fun!


- There is an age limit for the entry of the clan that you must be older than.

- You must have a working mic for in game

- We are based in EU and NA only (servers)

- PC and Console players are only allowed

To join the clan please join our discord server and apply for a try-out.